New Necklaces!

It’s a sort of madness, I suppose, all this bead-making and -stringing, as each necklace probably takes me half a day if I count the time making and/or sorting the beads. Once I get going, though, I find it hard to stop. The sun is shining and the weather is becoming mercifully mild, but I’m inside, waiting for the plumber to tend to a sink disaster but not minding it a bit that it’s already been five hours. I’m just loving the excuse to sit here making one wild thing after another.

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Bead Day

I waited too long to get going on my bead project this time, because I made beads with a vengence, having quite a way to climb out of my irrational depression. I made beads for hours, for days. I made beads until my old nemisis, tendonitis, send my wrists back into their worn, 15-year-old black leather bowling braces.

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Gallery Walk Thursday March 2nd 5-8 p.m.

Tomorrow (Thursday March 2nd) is the Celtic Gallery Walk, this month
sponsored by the one and only Friends of Celtic Culture. I missed the
publicity for the walk this month, but I will be open. Please come
visit me between 5 and 8 p.m. and check out my new gallery.

The new Mary Blocksma Gallery (just opened in November) exhibits my
paintings, including recent paintings of Bay City and Costa Rica, a
well as Bay City posters and notecards, my books about Michigan nature
and the Great Lakes, and many prints featuring my fish paintings,
Beaver Island, and more.

I have just put up a new display of watercolor studies for my next book, What’s In the Woods: A Great Lakes Treasure Hunt, due out in June.

Gypsies will be open as well for excellent coffee. Find me in the orange Gypsies building at 510 Third Street, corner of Madison, across from the Liberty convenience store.

For more information on the gallery walk, go to

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