Opt In to My New Newsletter!

Remember FIZZ? That was the paid subscription newsletter I once snail-mailed to many of you. This website followed, then my Etsy store, and a page on facebook. As you can guess from my neglect of this website, it’s getting too much for me to maintain all that while trying to write books and make art. So instead, I’ve decided to make most of my work available on Etsy, and offer a free, “mostly monthly” newsletter.

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It’s Mushroom Season

Amazingly enough, Hen of the Woods does not necessarily have to grow in the woods. I have found it in lawns, too. Many friends call me when they find an odd mushroom or fungus growing in their yards, and hardly anything competes with the oddness of the one that I collected this week. I found a maitake on a neighbor’s front yard several years ago, but when I knocked on her door to ask permission to take it, she wasn’t home. When I returned to try again that night, it was gone—in her garden trash bin, she said. I fished it out and it fed me for the winter, it was so large. Now she calls me when it returns.

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Facebook/linkedIn/Myspace/Reunion Website Overload

Have you noticed that it’s been six months since I updated my blog? It’s partly from all the competition from friends’ personal pages that has grown to hundreds. I can’t keep up with all this on-line friendliness, as lucky as I am to have it, so today, inspired by yesterday’s NYTimes article on the flight from Facebook, I am closing my Facebook account, and every other friend-type page, all of them opened in response to invitations from friends, so I can concentrate on my website.

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A Lump, the Second Time Around

It’s been four years since I finished my treatment for breast cancer—long enough for me to forget to be on high awareness mode and always take a friend when dealing with the world of hospitals and labs, even if things look relatively straight forward. After all, for four years, my routine mammograms had been clear.

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October 2008 completes my 4th survival year!

Yes I am, thanks to early detection (I found the lump myself), an excellent surgeon who left me intact, the usual course of radiation, and a changed lifestyle. Because the usual post-op treatment Arimidex) froze up my joints, I have ignored Big Pharma (saving over $200 a month) and opted instead for a healthy diet (mostly vegetarian) and exercise. Today, four years later, I feel better than ever and find myself living every day as fully as I can, and thankful thankful thankful. So I am celebrating life, creativity, adventure, friends, and new opportunities.

Behold: My Fabulous New Website Design!

I had all sorts of sticky requests for my website: Those buttons across the top took some doing, and he didn’t think he could grant my wish for rounded corners, but in the end he managed that too. I got everything I wanted and then some. He even got my breast cancer blog viewable most recent post first, or one can consult the archives to read the story from the beginning.

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A Fine Time in Florida

To complicate matters further, I read quite a few books while flying in planes, sitting in airports, and lying on couches in both Fort Lauderdale (thanks to the kindness of friends) and Key West (more thanks to more kindness from more friends). In the next week, I shall attempt to review reading and experiences, with some nice links thrown in.

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