I’m taking a break from my Costa Rica Sketchbooks to share my present project: seasonal descriptions of my learning curve with up to fifty species of mushroom. I’m writing these chapters to enhance a new edition of Great Lakes Nature, scheduled for publication in September, 2018, by Indiana University Press. I’m sharing only this entry, to give persons interested in my artist/writer life a taste of what I’ll be doing for the rest of this year.

And what will become of Costa Rica? I think I’ll save the second half for an ebook! I’ve never done an ebook before, and it may be just the instruction I need. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m really enjoying these mushroom pages, especially the art! Enjoy!

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Remember FIZZ? That was the paid subscription newsletter I once snail-mailed to many of you. This website followed, then my Etsy store, and a page on facebook. As you can guess from my neglect of this website, it’s getting too much for me to maintain all that while trying to write books and make art. So instead, I’ve decided to make most of my work available on Etsy, and offer a free, “mostly monthly” newsletter.

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Sign up for Mary’s new January memoir workshops!

I am planning a series of classes designed to get you writing about your life in a simple, easily done format. Love, Life, and What I Wore: Getting My Life Out of the Closet will focus on what you remember that you or others in your life wore and what it meant to you. Believe me, we will find stories in your life that you forgot you had. And we’ll even do simple watercolor illustrations!

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New Mushroom Book in Progress

I’ve been fighting a long block, not able to choose among the many writing and art projects I’ve begun something I feel passionately enough about to devote the year or two it takes to finish one of them. Even the children’s books, which involve hundreds of watercolor illustrations (several for each one I actually use), take years for me to complete. Usually I have no problem with this, but this year I couldn’t decide.

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Bay City’s Riverside Art Festival This Weekend!

My art fairs have been doing very well this summer, despite all the economic woes, and most of it has been due to my new book, What’s in the Woods? A Michigan Treasure Hunt, which is selling like hotcakes. I haven’t even had time to send it out to reviewers or notify bookstores about it, being a one-woman show here.

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I’ve devised a Woods book crossword puzzle using 45 species (of the 140) named in my new book, What’s in the Woods: A Michigan Treasure Hunt. It’s free! Just drag the puzzle and the clues to your desktop and print it out. Don’t have your copy yet? Well, the stores are just getting it in. If you’re in a hurry, order it here.

Memorial Weekend at Timmel Gallery in Saugatuck!

I’ll be showing my new Lake Effects III and IV posters, beautiful Lake Effects note cards, original art for the Lake Effect series, and of course, my new book, What’s in the Woods: A Michigan Treasure Hunt. All my books in print will be there too.

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What in the Woods, here at last!

What’s in the Woods?, a companion book to my popular What’s on the Beach has been in the works for three years. I never fully appreciated how much work goes into a book—especially a generously  illustrated book—until I did all the work of all a publishing house’s departments myself—researcher, writer, illustrator, editor, book designer, layout artist, producer, advertiser, and distributor (although Partner’s Book Distributors distributes my books too). Everything except the printing, which is done not only in the United States, but in Michigan at Holland Litho in Zeeland.

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