A Month in Costa Rica!

Eleven months after my breast cancer diagnosis,five after my last radiation treatment, and three months since my last Arimidex, I was ready for a change! I came back feeling like myself again for the first time in a year. They said it would take six months after my last radiation treatment, and it did, almost to the day!

I was on an art residency at the lovely Julia and David White Artist Colony in Ciudad Colon, where I stayed in a gorgeous studio with 13 windows on three sides of my large studio apartment. I kept a watercolor/writing journal–120 pages with 30 to go (I’ll do them from photos), took over 500 digital photos, and (bonus bonus) lost the five pounds I’ve tried so hard to lose in the past year by walking back and forth up the steep steep hills to town and back.

I did so much art that I will have to do a Costa Rica page for the best of it. Meanwhile, here’s the pair of “real paintings” (acrylic) I did. They are called “Triple Merge 1 and 2”, signifying the presence of water, earth and sky together, a theme that has grown out of my fish pictures. The lonely fish out of water has apparently expanded to a new wholeness.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

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