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Big news, loyal Mary B blog readers! On February 1st, 2020, Indiana University Press is releasing my new hardcover book! Heartland Habitats will share 265 of my personal nature walks in fresh full color, featuring a fabulous monthly strand that describes, mushroom by mushroom, my twenty-five-years hunting, collecting, photographing, painting, and sometimes cooking and eating, our Midwest fascinating fungi. Walk with me through woods, wetlands, along rivers, lakes, and country roads, as I attempt to make the acquaintance of all those leaves and needles and hitch names as well to wildflowers, birds, insects, small critters and large. Soon the outdoors will feel as welcome as a neighborhood where you know nearly everyone! This is a seasonal memoir—January through December—but you can join me anywhere along the year, naming one wild thing at a time.

For an author signed copy at no extra charge, pre-order from me—just respond with your request to this email or use the CONTACT ME button and I will put you on the list. Do not pay until I am ready to ship and I bill you on PayPal ($34.00 plus $4.00 shipping). Heartland Habitats is also available for a prepaid preorder on my Etsy store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IUP.

Check out this Indiana University Press catalog description:

Although I’ve been offline lately, I’m back for 2020 with this new book as well as my children’s Great Lakes treasure hunts, Lake Lover’s Year, Dog Rescue A-Z, nature prints in 8×10 double mats, note cards, posters, and—coming soon—jewelry made with stones I acquired earlier this year at the Tucson Gem Show. Click on Mary’s Books and Art on for my current and soon-to-be-available work. And for more posts like this, if you’re not signed up already, click on SUBSCRIBE below!

Wishing kindness to all and to our precious home, Earth. Mary