That’s next weekend, friends. I know, time speeds up in November. This year the weather is looking pretty good—chilly but sunny—so I’m adding a substantial garage sale with real garage sale prices to be displayed in the large space in front of my garage/studio.

Inside will be my work, including my new felted wool and cashmere hats, scarves, note cards (including my new Open Door series), and books, and SPECIAL DEALS ON ALL POSTERS! Posters which sell on my Etsy store and retail shops for $20 will be reduced $10 or less. Tell me you saw it here and I’ll give you $10 off on any hat or headband.

Many of you have faithfully supported me for years, and I want to make this worth your while. For more information, such as an address if you don’t know it, please contact me.

Or better yet, click the top right corner of my home page to sign up for my brand-new-this-month, short but comic emailed Mostly Monthly Newsletter. The November Issue (the first) will be out early next week (I hope).

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Remember FIZZ? That was the paid subscription newsletter I once snail-mailed to many of you. This website followed, then my Etsy store, and a page on facebook. As you can guess from my neglect of this website, it’s getting too much for me to maintain all that while trying to write books and make art. So instead, I’ve decided to make most of my work available on Etsy, and offer a free, “mostly monthly” newsletter.

I’ve been itching to do a comic strip for a couple of years now. I’ve indulged that yearning with my November newsletter. Please click on the opt-in link in the upper right corner of my home page—I’m not allowed to just send my newsletter to everyone on my email list. So please ask for it. I hope you will find it amusing.

Find information about my upcoming annual open house, along with my many shows around Michigan, in my newsletter. And I’ll probably pop in a discount coupon here now and then.