Join me in my one-year EVERYDAY ART project!

I have to limit myself to half an hour, or I’ll get sucked in. Possibly some entries will be rewrites of something I did on an earlier day. I’m just trying to get cranked up after months of being absorbed completely by teaching and medical challenges.

Care to join me? If you’ll do this too, and put up on a website someplace–there are blog programs you can do for free and if you can’t find one, I’ll help you find one–I’ll put a link to you on a special Links to EVERYDAY ART BLOGS page! I’ll even do a little introduction to you and your project.

Hey! It’s New Year’s Resolution time! I’ve come to believe in positive resolutions–resolutions that ADD something to my life, not–like weight loss or quiting something–some sort of painful self-improvement thing. How about it? If you’re interested, email me. It’s okay if you don’t get going on January 1st. A year can start anytime.

Mary logs her recent experience with breast cancer.

I decided to log my experience. I began my log soon after my first lumpectomy–waiting in pre-op had driven me nuts. I couldn’t watch tv or talk to my good friend Judy who was there to hold my hand, and, as it turned out, be my witness to events no one believed until we both swore they happened. So when it turned out I needed a second lumpectomy plus the removal of who knew how many underarm nodes, I bought something to write in. It turned out that writing kept me calm. I just went on and on describing what was happening, what I was hearing, feeling, fearing, and otherwise dealing with. It was a lifesaver for me.

So find here my story. It may take me some time to write it all down, but I was so hungry to find answers to my many questions, and the experience was for me so full of surprises and unexpected challenges, that I thought I might share it here. If you know someone who might find it interesting or beneficial, please clue them in.

Mary Blocksma’s new website design

Now you can find just about everything that I do, much of it focused on the Great Lakes: original art, reproductions, notecards; tapestry bags and perhaps I’ll even put my quilts on, just for fun. (I don’t think any of you would actually pay for one of those labor intensive jobs!).

Come back frequently for more stories, updates, new art, new books, and a continuing look at my recent experience with a diagnosis of breast cancer. I intend to include reviews of books read and movies seen, and I’m even hoping to do a Poem or Painting a Day category! Join me in all these exciting artistic and medical adventures!