Lake Effects III, Coming Up!

Starting in May and going through September, I will be working on the third and last poster in my Lake Effects posters. I don’t know whether I should say where this window is quite yet, but it is probably all right to let on that it’s in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, looking south, which lends a slightly different perspective to the first two posters, which were painted from a west-facing window.

I am almost out of the first two posters—Lake Effect I and Lake Effect II—with fewer than an hundred each remaining. I thought that rather than go to a third printing (those that remain are of a second edition), I’d do a summer poster, something new and a little different. Lake Effects I covers October-December, and Lake Effects II January – April; Lake Effects III will celebrate May – October.

Here are two sample paintings I’ve done as an experiment, painted from photographs of the prospective view. The actual poster paintings, all small playing-card size, will be painted from life, not photographs.

The posters should be ready for Christmas, 2007, at $25 each. Email me to get on the waiting list, and get a 20% discount!

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Cartooning Lymphedema

One of the possible side effects of a sentinel node dissection and the removal of underarm lymph nodes can be a condition called lymphedema. Go to Mary’s Breast Cancer Blog for March to read my blog entry on this adventure. Find here my graphic account…I got my hand wrong—I’m right-handed, not left—but hey, you get the idea!

I’m still working on the name for my graphic blogs, as well as a particular style. But it’s fun! You can email me any suggestions.

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I created this particular Blogsma in reaction to an Oprah show which I watched the day after finishing a graphic memoir (and who inspired me to do this one) written by a woman who died of breast cancer which had metastacized in her brain. I was mad at Oprah’s glib solutions to the complex problems of life, which although they have value and I really do like Oprah’s spirit, trivialize the hell that so many people go through.

One of my readers felt that anyone suffering from cancer would take offense at this blog, but I hope that won’t happen. I did it in their defense, and in mine. I welcome your comments and suggestions in this new venture.

I’m considering putting Blogsma on a separate website or perhaps or What do you think?

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We set a date for the Beaver Island Show!

Not only will I have many new Beaver Island paintings, but also two new Beaver Island Posters and, I’m hoping, a new book too: What’s in the Woods: A Great Lakes Treasure Hunt, a simple introduction to over 150 common plants, trees, birds, critters, mushrooms, and bugs. Paired up with What’s On the Beach, a person could know 300 species already, which is lots more than most people recognize.

Wouldn’t it be fun to follow up with more simple nature guides, like What’s Along the Highway, or What’s By the River? Wow. Each books requires hundreds of little paintings, however, so they take a long time. And next on the schedule is What’s On the Beach in Florida.

It’s going to be way below zero here after today, for more than a week, so I’m going to be staying close to home. I’m spending a lot of time learning Adobe InDesign, a layout program that combines the workings of the two layout programs I already know but which are too old to work any more—PageMaker and Quark.

And don’t forget to check into my other blog, where I write a twice-weekly column.

Behold the junco, making its debut in What’s In the Woods? Juncos in Michigan only come for the winter…their absence is one of the first signs of spring!

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