Mary Goes eBay!

Right now I’m just listing good items that I’m not using any more or never used or can part with. I do a lot of research on each item to describe it and price it fairly. I’m getting the hang of it—I’ve sold all but two of my (I think) 14 listings.

I may also start listing some of my necklaces and other art. There is a category for “Artists Representing Themselves,” which sounds good to me. So if you want to know what I’ve got on eBay at the moment, just click the eBay button. I don’t always have something listed, as I travel a lot, but I’m working on it

Right now, listed Feb 19, I am listing an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Mouse and an Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Check it out!

Mary Gets a Job!

I will summarize each blog here, where I would have written it, and provide a link to

This is quite a gift to me and I’m excited to get started. Look for new breast cancer blogs next week. Meanwhile, I’ll continue my writing, art, and other blogging right here, so don’t go ‘way! Here’s the latest, and the reason I haven’t appeared for a couple of weeks:

I just returned from two weeks in Florida where I painted palm trees and beaches.

This was my first–and my favorite–painting. About 12 inches square, but clearly visible across a room, it celebrates one of the new life-guard stations, a $40,000 replacement for the one destroyed in a recent hurricane. Life Guard Station Number 11 squats at the end of the street I walked to the ocean beach from my borrowed condo. It is also across from a new Fort Lauderdale Trump Tower which is due to soon rise from impressive foundations.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Dolling up for Robert Burns

This year I’m dressing more conservatively–wine velvet and satin, sleeveless but no cleavage or hip-high skirts slits, like last year–but I’m coming down with a cold so after all this might not make it at all. One is expected to bring something Burns-ish to perform. Most guests are musicians and sing but singing is not one of my gifts. Being a teacher, however, I have come up with a game that I’m hoping will acquaint the 24 guests with Burns’ humor and style.

Burns suppers are celebrated all over the world. There’s even a webpage on it.

The Story of my New Website

Dylan and Ann Kuhn live in Fort Collins, Colorado, where Dylan applies his considerable programming skills to the virtual world at Colorado State University. He’s been keeping a journal for years. Share his adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and his bike trip around the perimeter of the continental United States on his own website, Ann took this photo of Dylan and me last summer (July 2004) when I met them in Steamboat Springs. They’d worked themselves from the Mexican border to northern Colorado, three months into their Continental Divide project. Ann walked 700 of those miles. Then she car-camped and hiked in to find Dylan every couple of days to resupply him. Me, I drive the mountains. I only walk flat places, like the beach.

Dylan’s latest blog entry details how he built this website for me. Check it out.