A Running Start on my New Diet

What fun! I went to four ethic groceries today—two Indian, one Asian, and a Mediterranean—and a health food store. I came home with quite a few interesting possibilities: two kinds of lentils (red and yellow), a spice mix, a small block of Thai-spiced baked tofu, L’a’rabars, a tub of Better Than Cream Cheese, tubs of green and Kalamata olives, quinoa (a grain I’ve never tried), whole wheat tortillas, and a box of protein powder.

What I ate today:  Breakfast: Fabulous (vegetarian but not vegan) Pacific Roasted red pepper and tomato soup, 1 slice Arnold Natural Wheat Bread (the only kind of nationally available bread I like) with Better Than Cream Cheese and one sliced green olive. Lunch:  Home-made “Nigerian Baked Beans” (recipe from World Vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey, p.57, a lot of work but very yummy), one slice Natural Wheat bread; Dinner: 1 microwaved sweet potato, cooked spinach with lemon, home-canned applesauce.

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