Click If You Love Mammograms!

There are so many hoaxes out there that perhaps this one has been suspected as well. However, according to Channel 5 KOKO in Oklahoma, this one is the real thing., a website that attempts to verify the virtual virtuous and warn against the viral, has the story on the mammogram click program.

The email tree–the send-this-email-to-ten-people sort of thing–which has been used to popularize this site, isn’t my thing. I hate email trees. But I’ll happily put this on my blog:

All you have to do to help provide a free mammogram to a woman who can’t afford one is click on this link: The hype, however, much like those airline “miles” issued by credit card companies, is a little misleading. It takes not one click but 45,000 clicks for just one mammogram to be donated. Furthermore you have to click not once but twice–once to get to the site and then click on the mammogram donation button, which sends you to a page of ads.

It’s not so much to do anymore, since the Internet speeded up. Unless you’re on a clunky connection, two clicks a day may be tolerably worthwhile.

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