Costa Rica Day 1

This is a test to see if my scanned Costa Rica sketchbook pages will come up fast and large enough to read easily online. The original books (there are five) measure 10×6 inches. I’ve tried to make the pages readable with Photoshop but those with dark art will take patience. Please endure. Although I plan to write notes and a transcription at the end,  I find slowly trying to make out my handwriting gives one more time to absorb the experience.

I’m amazed, perusing these notebooks more than ten years after I painted and wrote them, that they read quite well, even with no editing. I plan to post my Costa Rica journals a day at a time–each day usually runs 2-3 sketchbook pages for a total of 116 pages—until I’ve finished all thirty days that I was in residence at the Julia and David Artist Colony. You may need to enlarge the pages on your screen to read them. Do let me know how you are finding this experiment and whether you are experiencing any difficulty bringing up the art.





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