Fish Are Theraputic 2

Yes, I was on yet another fish painting, this one a school of Blue Stripe Snappers. How soothing it is to paint fish. I may begin an entire personal aquarium of fish. I may even venture into designing picine wardrobes.

Meanwhile, as I approach my next-to-last day and 32nd blast on Monday, I have another waiting room idea: The three walls of this small room are “papered” in cloth, which happily accepts pins and if the pins are slender enough–I took care to buy a packet of silk pins for my 31 little lake paintings that are already posted there, one each day–they don’t even leave a noticable hole. These large blank slates are begging to be filled.

So why not, I thought, fill them with fish? I would print out a bunch of tropical fish, cut them out, and leave them there with a packet of pins and an entertaining sheet of directions: Each woman who sat there could choose a fish, write her name on it (first and/or last) and pin it up. As time goes on, the wall would become covered with beautiful fish, each representing a woman who also had sat there, also fighting cancer. And here’s the kicker: Many of these women are just out of chemo, and fish, like them, have no hair!

However, having already been a drama queen at the radiation oncology center, I hesitate to suggest the women’s locker room as a site for installation art. The staff may be welcoming Wednesday, when I will no longer show up at 8:12. But who knows?

You gotta try stuff.

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