I haven’t done much on the website lately, thanks to a general wiped-out condition that’s suddenly come over me. A week after radiation treatments were over, I suddenly got a sore throat that quickly developed into a cold. I had to cancel a road trip I’d planned to celebrate and escape “all this”. Two days of packing did me in. I even, at last, lost my appetite and still find it challenging to eat anything.

It was unexpected. I thought I’d just go back to normal: Taking to the road for a 1,500-mile solo excursion is old-hat stuff for me–I do it all the time, often leaving on a dime. I love this big country with it’s web of highways and back roads that connect for thousands of miles. I’d planned to go up to Minnesota where I have many friends, all of whom dance like maniacs, even the men, and I’d planned to dance until I fell over.

Unfortunately, I fell over before I left. Had to cancel my car rental. Went to bed. Felt sorrier for myself than I had most of the past few months. Poor baby.

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