Mary B’s Illustrated Breast Cancer Blog moves to Beaver Island Arts!

Ive never run out of ideas for my health blog—right now about six of them are waiting for attention—but I’ve tired of thinking about breast cancer so much of the time. It’s been two years since my treatment and I’m feeling like myself again. My prognosis is great, my checkups all good news.

So I’m off and running this summer, to do numerous art shows. And I’ll be painting Lake Michigan again—seven weeks spread out over five months—to produce Lake Effects III, the summer and last poster in my Lake Effects series. I start that project on Saturday! I can’t wait to spend a week doing nothing more than paint, walk, and look for mushrooms (it’s morel and oyster season at last!).

So please stay tuned. I’m going to do fewer breast cancer blogs, but I’ll now have time to include cartoons and illustrations, review my favorite breast cancer websites and blogs, give my take on new techno wonders like MRIs and digital mammograms, and, well, play. Remember play? It’s good for your health!

The picture here was taken at one of my book club meetings by my dear friend Mary Bush, who runs an artsy clothing shop in Saginaw called Glad Rags. Never been there? You’ve missed the ultimate in vintage/cool couture.

Please let me know your questions, responses, suggestions and, of course, praise. Just email me at


I created this particular Blogsma in reaction to an Oprah show which I watched the day after finishing a graphic memoir (and who inspired me to do this one) written by a woman who died of breast cancer which had metastacized in her brain. I was mad at Oprah’s glib solutions to the complex problems of life, which although they have value and I really do like Oprah’s spirit, trivialize the hell that so many people go through.

One of my readers felt that anyone suffering from cancer would take offense at this blog, but I hope that won’t happen. I did it in their defense, and in mine. I welcome your comments and suggestions in this new venture.

I’m considering putting Blogsma on a separate website or perhaps or What do you think?

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Mary’s Bag of Tricks

This week I begin publishing my breast cancer blog on, a new page of Dr. Dean Edell’s web site From now on, I will write a summary of of my current blog on my own website, and provide a link to the rest of it. . Click HERE to read the rest of this blog. To read my earlier blogs, kept since my diagnosis of breast cancer in October, 2004, go to Breast Cancer Blog.

Mary Gets a Job!

I will summarize each blog here, where I would have written it, and provide a link to

This is quite a gift to me and I’m excited to get started. Look for new breast cancer blogs next week. Meanwhile, I’ll continue my writing, art, and other blogging right here, so don’t go ‘way! Here’s the latest, and the reason I haven’t appeared for a couple of weeks:

I just returned from two weeks in Florida where I painted palm trees and beaches.

This was my first–and my favorite–painting. About 12 inches square, but clearly visible across a room, it celebrates one of the new life-guard stations, a $40,000 replacement for the one destroyed in a recent hurricane. Life Guard Station Number 11 squats at the end of the street I walked to the ocean beach from my borrowed condo. It is also across from a new Fort Lauderdale Trump Tower which is due to soon rise from impressive foundations.

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