Paperwhites explode!

In this quick watercolor sketch, done with those Dr. Martin’s watercolors, this time I used a Japanese squirrel brush, which has a floppy mop with a distinctively fine point. I confess that PhotoShop does misrepresent some of these little sketches. Mostly I intensify the color. It’s a lesson to me, to be more bold with color. PhotoShop also teaches me to let go of nature’s palette and impose another on what works otherwise as composition. Here I simply clicked on the Invert option, under the Image >Adjustments >Invert menu.

Mary’s EVERYDAY ART project begins on January 01!

I said I’d only take half an hour for this project but I am taking more. This one took about an hour. I don’t like it much. Maybe I’ll try this again with watercolor. Beginnings are usually discouraging for me. I usually am appalled by what I produce. But I have done this kind of thing for many years and I’ve learned that to do anything worthwhile, I just have to start doing something awful. I’ve pledged four or five entries–art or poetry–a week for a year, but even if I just did three, that’s 150 small creations, and they just can’t all be bad!

This pastel piece looks darker than it is. I tweaked it on PhotoShop. I gave a similar set of paperwhite bulbs to a friend for Christmas. I wonder how HIS are coming along!

Join me in my one-year EVERYDAY ART project!

I have to limit myself to half an hour, or I’ll get sucked in. Possibly some entries will be rewrites of something I did on an earlier day. I’m just trying to get cranked up after months of being absorbed completely by teaching and medical challenges.

Care to join me? If you’ll do this too, and put up on a website someplace–there are blog programs you can do for free and if you can’t find one, I’ll help you find one–I’ll put a link to you on a special Links to EVERYDAY ART BLOGS page! I’ll even do a little introduction to you and your project.

Hey! It’s New Year’s Resolution time! I’ve come to believe in positive resolutions–resolutions that ADD something to my life, not–like weight loss or quiting something–some sort of painful self-improvement thing. How about it? If you’re interested, email me. It’s okay if you don’t get going on January 1st. A year can start anytime.