Laramie Plain

My problem is was this: I hadn’t gessoed my Indian handmade paper, which I often do not do for watercolor, but not only did the paper blister all over the place when I tried to remove unwanted paint, but when I tried to remove the masking fluid I’d used for white places, I rubbed off big nasty white patches. I was going to throw the whole thing out, but then, I thought I’d see if I couldn’t find something in there I liked. This everyday art project involves practice in easing up on judgement.

I ended up cutting the painting in two. I liked all the triangles and shapes in each. Each of these little Everyday paintings teaches me something new, even if it’s what NOT to do. I’ve given myself permission to play with what may be insignificant and even silly art, because my best work has always come out of play, and because right now I can’t seem to focus on much more than healing.

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