Chautauqua Vacation House

I have been known to trade art for a spell in paradise, not unlike other artists lacking funds to buy (or even rent) such a place. The family who own this house have hosted me not only in this wonderful Chautauqua, New York, home, but also in at least two Key West condominiums, as well as at a newly built Ocala horse ranch. This painting, done in gouache on illustration board, is about 16×20 inches—my thank you.

The recipients seemed delighted to discover that I’d painted all four of them sitting, as I’ve seen them do, on the front porch (they say they can tell who is who) and even the cat with the half-black half-yellow face.

I find that to my surprise I really like doing these things and I seem to be getting better at them. Interested? Check out my new commission page.

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