Solitude, Mostly

I had taken the precaution of painting two of everything–one for him and one for me. I’ve discovered that often people don’t really value a little painting that comes naked and unceremoniously in the mail, so I always make one for myself.

Here are a couple of passionate visual descriptions of our 2,000-mile-apartĀ  love affair. I’ll putĀ  all fifteen on their own page when I get to it. They seem to describe my life as much now as then, even though I’m no longer in a committed relationship. I’m calling the series “SOLITUDE, MOSTLY.”

We’re still phone friends, at least I hope we are (do forgive me…you know who you are), and I did find the picture I’d been looking for, finally, after also discovering a bag of original watercolors for my next book and a lost recipe for oatmeal.

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