Facebook/linkedIn/Myspace/Reunion Website Overload

Have you noticed that it’s been six months since I updated my blog? It’s partly from all the competition from friends’ personal pages that has grown to hundreds. I can’t keep up with all this on-line friendliness, as lucky as I am to have it, so today, inspired by yesterday’s NYTimes article on the flight from Facebook, I am closing my Facebook account, and every other friend-type page, all of them opened in response to invitations from friends, so I can concentrate on my website.

I’m also feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out chats and walls and find myself reluctant to put my personal life out there in such a public way. I have already this blog and website about my life as a breast cancer survivor, a writer and an artist, and I welcome emails from friends and fans alike: just click on the CONTACT button for my email and snail mail addresses. I always respond. I simply prefer more private conversations.

So please, I welcome individual and private conversations, and of course I love the fan mail and encouragement about my work. The picture here was taken by my face-to-face friend Pamela Johnson during my visit to her and family in Chautauqua, New York, a couple of weeks ago. Click to enlarge.