Fort Lauderdale beach

I did two watercolor postcards while in Florida but send them off before I could scan them for my column. So here is one view inspired by a photograph I did while there, taken on a morning walk. Fort Lauderdale shocked me by its wall-to-wall concrete with only the tiniest patches of grass and a couple of saved natural parks to walk in. I began to appreciate the richness of our Great Lakes…so much outdoors left. But the long beaches were fun to walk, either on the beach or on the brick walk that snaked along the white waist-high wall.

I did this little 8 x 10 painting, or so it started out, entirely with Dr. Martin’s radiant liquid watercolors. They are really bright and stain well. I got impatient though and didn’t let all the layers dry quickly enough. The waves are white acrylic.

I like to shut my eyes and see this scene on the ceiling of my inner sight, glowing with the magic of a monitor.