Cartooning Lymphedema

One of the possible side effects of a sentinel node dissection and the removal of underarm lymph nodes can be a condition called lymphedema. Go to Mary’s Breast Cancer Blog for March to read my blog entry on this adventure. Find here my graphic account…I got my hand wrong—I’m right-handed, not left—but hey, you get the idea!

I’m still working on the name for my graphic blogs, as well as a particular style. But it’s fun! You can email me any suggestions.

Click on the image to enlarge my illustrated version.


I created this particular Blogsma in reaction to an Oprah show which I watched the day after finishing a graphic memoir (and who inspired me to do this one) written by a woman who died of breast cancer which had metastacized in her brain. I was mad at Oprah’s glib solutions to the complex problems of life, which although they have value and I really do like Oprah’s spirit, trivialize the hell that so many people go through.

One of my readers felt that anyone suffering from cancer would take offense at this blog, but I hope that won’t happen. I did it in their defense, and in mine. I welcome your comments and suggestions in this new venture.

I’m considering putting Blogsma on a separate website or perhaps or What do you think?

Click on the image to enlarge it.