Cabin Fever Art

My September in Costa Rica continues to inspire and so far I like what’s happening with the resulting art. I’m also working on a Bay City snow scene, which I’m not liking very much so far, and a portrait, which so far I do, if I don’t ruin it. That’s one of my frequent mid-project fears: When I’m halfway through a book or a painting, I either love it so much I don’t dare try to finish it, lest I do something to spoil it, or I can’t stand it and want to give up. At times like this I invoke my artist’s mantra: PROFESSIONALS FINISH!

I’m calling my palm trees “Cabin Fever” which seems to give me permission to get hysterical with color and makes it sort of Michigan relevant at this time of year. Titles do influence lookers (and buyers), I’ve discovered. I have an artist friend on Beaver Island, Cindy Rickskers, who has a genius for giving abstract paintings irresistible titles. I’ve always envied her this talent. You’d think, my being a professional writer, that I could fling titles around with ease, but Cindy’s still better. She beats me at Scrabble, too.

“Cabin Fever 1″ is acrylic on paper, with a border as part of the painting, 19″ x 21”. Click on the image to enlarge it.