Radiation Day 12

I have become friendly with two women who await their own ten minute appointments in a tiny space barely containing three chairs and surrounded with fabric-covered walls. They seem to enjoy my little project which I’ve called “Same Place, New Day”: Each day I bring in and pin up a new day (like the one pictured here) from one of my Lake Effects posters. Now there are twelve, twenty-one to go.

Yesterday was A’s last day, her 33rd zap, and to celebrate, I gave her a copy of my Lake Lover’s Year book which tells how I did the little paintings she likes. But that wasn’t the only good news: she and I found out that the third woman in our little party, who has been awaiting in agony for last week’s bone scan report, does not have the much-feared bone cancer. We were all smiles over that happy news.

But this was not a good week for several of my close women friends who have suffered, among them, the loss of a beloved cat, a miscarriage, and the death of her mother. Such huge losses. We surely do ride a see-saw in this life, by turn giving support and needing it.

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