Dream Garden Murals

It’s for a kids’ grief camp that Hospice sponsors every summer–for kids who have lost someone close to them. I was asked to do a mural that was a wall on one side that kids could cover with messages to the person they lost; the back side was supposed to be something cheerful. I worried that I got too cheerful but I guess it’s okay. I delivered it yesterday and it got a few wows.

It was very much fun to do. I didn’t draw anything except a rough sketch on a sheet of office paper for each mural. There are about six layers of acrylic craft paint on it, and I was pleased to see that the paint didn’t seem to affect the paper sandwiching the foam core. The boards warped a little, but not enough to notice. I used water-based craft acrylics I bought for 66ยข a bottle at a discount store.

Click on the image to enlarge it.