Heirloom Seed Jewelry

I admit I found it hard to believe that quality jewelry could be, well, organic, and I do mean organic, but it can be. These seeds were grown on a truly organic East Michigan farm, and from plants rarely produced these days.

Each necklace is accompanied by a story. This one, made with turquoise and beans called “Cherokee Trail of Tears” is described this way:

Cherokee Trail of Tears w/TurquoisePebbles, Sterling Silver Spacer Beads & Sterling Clasp ~ CherokeeTrail of Tears was carried by the Cherokee Indians on their forcedjourney of relocation, which began in Georgia in 1838 and during whichover 6,000 Cherokees died.

I’m charmed and excited by these pieces. Check out more on the Saverine Creek Heirlooms website!