New Necklaces!

It’s a sort of madness, I suppose, all this bead-making and -stringing, as each necklace probably takes me half a day if I count the time making and/or sorting the beads. Once I get going, though, I find it hard to stop. The sun is shining and the weather is becoming mercifully mild, but I’m inside, waiting for the plumber to tend to a sink disaster but not minding it a bit that it’s already been five hours. I’m just loving the excuse to sit here making one wild thing after another.

Click on the image to enlarge it. Get a closer look–individually sorted out–newly posted on the Designer Artisan Jewelry Page.

Bead Day

I waited too long to get going on my bead project this time, because I made beads with a vengence, having quite a way to climb out of my irrational depression. I made beads for hours, for days. I made beads until my old nemisis, tendonitis, send my wrists back into their worn, 15-year-old black leather bowling braces.

But it worked. Just look at those colors. I had so much fun making beads that I couldn’t stop and now my wrists are too sore to string them. But that’s okay. Ice and ibuprofen and a few novels to tempt me from using my hands for a while and I’ll be fine.

But for now, observe and weep. Or, better yet, run over to your local craft, art, or hobby store and stock up on some polymer clay. All you need is a book from your public library on polymer clay bead-making, a few blocks of Sculpey or Fimo, some bamboo skewers for making holes. I also use a dedicated pasta maker, a toaster oven that I bought for $9 at a thrift store, a razor blade for clean slicing, and a block of floral foam to dry the final beads that I’ve painted with glossy varnish. (I bake my beads in the basement, as the fumes are not very breathable.)

So here they are, a bead bouquet drying on barbecue stakes. Wow. I am so cheered up. And whattaya know, all sorts of good things have begun happening. For example, I just got offered a blog job I never even applied for, and I took it. Stay tuned!

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To see some sample necklaces I make from beads like these, click here.

One-of-a-Kind Designer Necklaces

I had found a great sale on polymer clay about six months ago, bought a lot of colors and then forgot about them until I thought I might make Christmas tree ornaments for the holiday season. But I didn’t really like what I came up with and began making beads just for fun.

The beads took over. I made all sorts of beads, experimenting with various polymer clay techniques described in several books I happen to have. Interests sometimes start that way….a slow accruing of related materials until one day, an idea combines them in some exciting way.

The necklaces delight me. Each one is different, made of my own hand-made and hand-lacquered beads, then carefully designed and strung. They average 20 to 30 inches and sell for $47.50 and there are only two dozen: Call 989-894-5925 to order, for more information, or more examples. Here are four starters.

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Art Therapy

Nothing gets me side-tracked faster than a really good sale on art materials. A few days ago I happened on a sale of polymer clay for 87¢ a block instead of the usual two or three bucks. Wow. My supply was low, I had hardly any homemade beads left, so I went bananas.

The next day I found a dozen good quality frames–from quite large to very small–across the street at a garage sale I didn’t know about until I saw the crowd waiting outside at 8 a.m., not a usual sight around here. Oh bliss–what could bring more happiness than an art supply bonanza!

So here I am, passionately painting and modeling. Pretty soon I’ll have so many beads that I’ll be able to enjoy another activity I do to relieve stress: sorting.

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