Half done!

So far, I feel really good. What is euphemistically refered to as “the treatment area” is also doing just fine: “pinking up” a little but nothing hurts. According to my weekly checkups, my right arm continues to measure the same as the left and my weight fluctuates only half a pound. I still have quite an appetite, which may prove my biggest problem–I overstocked my staples and freezer lest I get too wiped out to shop, but so far, that hasn’t happened–my radiation diet plan may just backfire.

Okay, I maintain my sense of humor, but I know very well I could never do that during chemotherapy. I am very, very lucky that I don’t need chemo, the treatment center is ten minutes from home, my treatment appears to be state-of-the-art, I have wonderful support from friends and family, and the staff at the radation oncology center are so friendly I actually look forward to seeing them. Who’da thought?