I’ve long made my peace with Sundays. Working as I do at home, when I’m not teaching, every day can turn into a work day. But in the last few years, Sundays have become a litany of pleasures, from my favorite radio program–Selected Shorts on NPR–at seven in the morning, followed by NPR’s Sunday Morning edition, followed by CBS Sunday Morning which lasts until 10:30, after which I might go get the New York Times with my friend Tom.

In the afternoon I might watch a football game with friends or paint something I have no business painting (like this of me with dance partner Marty), or read a good book without guilt. In warm weather I might hike the State Park, go mushroom hunting, walk around the bridges in town, eat icecream.

Sunday nights I meet friends, talk, and most fun of all, dance. I drink beer on Sunday nights, instead of my usual glass of wine, and dress up a little, in high-heeled boots if the streets aren’t icy. Bay City has proven a friendly place, a good place to make art and a life, but I like it best on Sundays.