4_Way Chic Sacs: Mary’s New Line of Handmade Reversible Bags

My new reversible 4-Way Chic Sac seems to have everything: I’ve been field-testing the one pictured here with great success. It’s sturdy, good-looking, unusual, and one-of-a-kind, (I make, at the most, maybe four or five similar, but not identical, bags). Plus, there are FOUR WAYS to wear this bag: Out flat, it can carry legal pad; flopped over it serves as a good-looking clutch, advantages that hold true for both sides. It can slip over a wrist or easily carried by the reenforced handle. Elegantly simple, useful and attractive, this is a wonderfully versatile design which really does work in four modes.

On the up side for me: It can’t be instantly copied except by someone who really knows how to sew. Sewing involves lots of little tricks and this bag requires two of them, involving twelve pattern pieces. The “handle” pieces, which would normally show, on this bag are hidden inside and give it strength.

Because I design and sew each bag individually, carefully choosing the front fabric to the reverse–I don’t do them efficiently, factory style–no two are exactly alike. I can also custom-make bags for a $10 additional charge. Each bag takes me about 1 1/2 hours using high-quality fabrics, some from Paris, others from my extensive collection of materials, including many ethnic designs.

Most of my 4-Way Chic Sacs are patterned on one side and striped on the other, measure about 12″ x 14″ (12 ” x 7″ as a clutch) and retail through this website only for $35 plus tax (6% in Michigan) and shipping ($3.00), a really great price for an art bag. To order, call 989-894-5925. I’ll also consider wholesaling them.

Please go to 4-Way Chic Sacs for more pattern choices (that page isn’t up yet but soon will be.)