Adam and Eve?

Making art is sometimes like dreaming–the metaphors are not always obvious and a literal translation may not apply. Sometimes I start with a concept and end up with something very different. This Adam and Eve project has been nagging at me for months. I had to do it–I love Ellen’s ideas for shows and they are always well-received by the Ann Arbor art crowd as well as others–but I couldn’t think of any way to do a little man and a little woman and a snake and an apple and a tree within the required 9-by-12-inch vertical 2-dimensional format requirements.

I know the story: I’m a missionaries’ kid, after all. But I’m into fish right now, so I found a way to work fish into the whole thing and I ended up, in spite of myself and my occasional cynacism, feeling strangely moved. It feels to me (forgive me if I exaggerate) almost as tragic as the actual story. Even the paint I used for the serpent is called “Interference Green.”

This piece was done on 300-lb watercolor paper with acrylic paint and protected with three coats of varnish.

If you’d like to participate in the Adam and Eve show, email me for the pdf flyer.

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